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Leading Supplier of Fertility Blends and Nutritional Supplements


Recommended by Canada’s Fertility Clinics

YAD-Tech is an innovative company that takes a completely natural approach to designing, formulating, and improving fertility blends and nutritional supplements with the highest-quality ingredients for the maintenance of optimal health of both men and women who wish to conceive.

YAD-Tech offers a complete range of natural remedies for infertility that go a long way in supporting good health at every point, from before conception to breastfeeding.

Fertility blend

Improve the quality of life

for both men and women

Improve health and quality of life at every step of your reproductive journey.

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Since 2010

Founded in 2010, YAD-Tech is a research and development company operating under the guidance, experience, supervision, and expertise of world-renowned urologists, general surgeons, and gynecologists.


YAD-Tech’s team seeks to provide healthy, natural vitamins for everyday challenges, every step of the way. This is one reason why YAD-Tech remains at the forefront of new, natural product development.

Natural remedies for infertility

Authorized for sale by Health Canada

All products are authorized for sale by Health Canada as natural vitamins and mineral supplements. They are developed in accordance with the most stringent safety standards in the laboratory. All products are available without a prescription.

Recognized worldwide

YAD-Tech is recognized worldwide, and the majority of fertility clinics in Canada recommend YAD-Tech vitamins and supplements. By treating the body as a cohesive system, YAD-Tech capitalizes on the newest advances in urology, gynecology, reproductive, gastrointestinal, and prenatal health to bring you optimized nutritional support.

Health Support Available

Without A Prescription

Fertility vitamins

For health maintenance in men and women of reproductive age

YAD-Tech’s supplement and fertility blend products bring together natural ingredients with key vitamins and minerals to enhance health in men and women of reproductive age. Good basic health, for both males and females, is crucial to healthy reproduction.

Prenatal Health and Pregnancy

YAD-Tech’s products are formulated to support the immune and gastrointestinal systems during your reproductive journey.

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