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Can Stress Affect Fertility?

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Can Stress Affect Fertility?

Trying to get pregnant in the best of times can be hard enough, but as the coronavirus pandemic continues it’s normal to be feeling extra stressed—and to be wondering can stress affect fertility. As it goes stress and fertility are closely linked, and there are good reasons to give yourself a little TLC right now if you’re trying to get pregnant.

While science doesn’t completely understand the full connection between infertility and mental health, it’s long been theorized that a relationship between them exists. Those who are trying to get pregnant are recommended to pay close attention to their stress levels, and to engage in activities that offer self care.

So how do you address stress when the world is in chaos? Below, we’ll go over some tips to maintain your mental health and keep the stress down while you’re trying to conceive.

1. Stay Active
When you move, your brain releases endorphins that reduce levels of your body’s stress hormones. Find an activity you enjoy that you can work into your routine, such as a daily walk or an online fitness class, and get those endorphins flowing.

2. Work on Relaxation
You’re asking your body to do something pretty major, so offer it as much pampering as you can in return. Relaxation techniques like massages and meditation are all worth indulging in right now.

3. Try Journaling
Stress is often a lot easier to handle once we can put our worries into words. Put some pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and try to untangle the issues that are causing you stress. If you don’t know where to start, search stress relieving journaling prompts for some inspiration.

4. Re-Organize Your Living Space
Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference. Mix it up by rearranging your living space or adding in some fresh décor. Even the addition of a vase of flowers can change your mood and brighten up your space.

5. Eat a Healthy Diet
Certain foods are known for their stress busting properties, including nuts, eggs, and dark chocolate. By eating a well-rounded diet, you’ll help ensure you get more of these good-for-you foods in, and your brain—and body—will thank you for it.

6. Take the Right Vitamins
Ingredients found in some fertility supplements, including B complex vitamins and zinc, can be just as beneficial for reducing stress as they are for helping out your reproductive system. Make sure you’re taking a high-quality vitamin like our Fertil PRO Women’s or Men’s supplements, and you’ll get a big boost to both your mental and physical health.

7. Rethink Your Attitude
Behave as if you’re calm and optimistic, even if you’re feeling anything but. When you act relaxed, your brain sends a message to your body that extra adrenaline isn’t needed—in turn making you feel better. Sound far-fetched? Give it a try and you might be surprised!

8. Bond With Your Partner
Your partner is a major part of your support system and it’s important to keep your bond strong. Do something you love together, like watching movies or cooking dinner, and get your mind off of fertility and on to why you wanted to go on this journey together in the first place.

9. Improve Your Confidence
When we feel better about ourselves, we feel better in general. Make a change to boost your confidence, whether it’s physical or through positive thoughts and mantras. Even if it takes work, it will be worth the rebounding effects.

Stress and trying to conceive aren’t a great pairing. Make regular stress relief a priority, and take care of yourself—it can only make your journey that much easier.

Need some more support? Learn more about Fertil Pro Women and Fertil Pro Men and take more control over your chances of conception.

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