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Yadtech / FAQs

Who is Yadtech?

Yad-Tech is the leading supplier of nutritional supplements recommended by Canada’s fertility clinics, an innovative company that takes a natural approach to formulating nutritional supplements with the highest-quality ingredients for maintenance of optimal health of both men and women who wish to conceive.

Does Yadtech ship products internationally?

Yes, YAD-Tech proudly ships to locations throughout North America and Europe.

Where can I buy Yadtech supplements?

All YAD-Tech products can be purchased through our website. Customers can find detailed explanations of each product including medical studies, ingredient lists, and more. Also, please visit our retailers page, where you can find the nearest retail location.

About  Fertil Pro Supplements

For how long should I take Fertil Pro Men/Women?

There is no suggested standard length of time for using Fertil Pro supplements. See your doctor for dosage advice specific to you.

How does Fertil Pro work?

For the science behind our Fertil Pro supplements for both men and women, consult the charts on each supplement’s page in our Online Store and the Related Studies linked below.

What are the benefits of taking Fertil Pro Men/Women?

The ingredients in these supplements have been specifically selected to support good health in men and women who wish to reproduce. To see how each ingredient contributes, consult the ingredient charts and Related Studies links on each supplement’s page in our Online Store.

What Are the Side Effects?

As nutritional supplements, our products, when taken at the recommended dosages, should not cause significant unpleasant side effects. But to be safe we recommend you speak with a medical professional or fertility expert before taking any of our supplements, and always be alert for anything that does not feel right. Everyone is different, and no ingredient is right for everyone.

What Is the Difference Between Fertil Pro Men and Fertil Pro MTL?

These are designed to be complementary formulas, meaning you can take them both at once. Fertil Pro Men is a multivitamin formula designed to support good health in all men of reproductive age. Fertil Pro MTL contains ingredients with more targeted functions. To see what the science says about these ingredients, consult the chart and Related Studies on the Fertil Pro MTL page in our Online Store.

What Is the Recommended Dosage For Fertil PRO Men/Women?

For both Fertil Pro Men and Fertil Pro Women, we recommend you take one tablet per day.

Why Is Fertil Pro Men/Women the Right Choice?

Our signature formulations can be the right choice for you because they are science-based combinations of natural ingredients designed by doctors who know what you need to maintain optimal health during your fertility journey.

About Fertility

Does diet affect fertility?

A good, clean diet does seem to indicate healthier levels of fertility. Staying away from processed, sugary, or fast foods and replacing those choices with fruits or vegetables, seems to work well.

What can affect fertility?

Fertility can be affected by many different factors, including: stress levels, the amount of sleep you get each night, your diet, the environment, poor hygiene, and much more.

How To Increase Ovulation Naturally?

Naturally improving ovulation and your chances to conceive is mostly dependent on your diet and level of activity. Try incorporating foods that are high in antioxidants, fiber, and iron, while cutting foods that are high in trans fats and carbs. Taking multivitamins or fertility blends may also help your chances.