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Welcome Fertilia® – Fertility Supplements To The United States!

In the world of fertility supplements, one name has stood above the rest for years: Fertilia (Fertil-Pro in Canada). Around the world, this product helps couples getting pregnant and are recognized as the best prenatal vitamins.

How Fertility And Families Have Changed

Fertility in the Western world is undergoing major changes. Men and women are now looking to start their families at an older age. In many cases, couples struggle with getting pregnant because we as humans have evolved to start families at a younger age. As a result, couples in their 30’s and 40’s have felt forced to seek expensive fertility treatments. Unfortunately, some of these treatments involve unnatural processes, which can sometimes cause side effects and long-term health risks.
All in all, starting a family shouldn’t be difficult. The good news is that there are natural remedies that can help—and Fertilia is one. Our product is an all-natural fertility supplement that designed to work with the body’s natural processes to promote fertility, including ingredients such as Vitamin D, a well-known supplement that provides various health benefits where it has been shown a crucial relation between vitamin D and fertility.

The Solution?

Since 2010, Fertilia (Fertil-Pro in Canada) has been the male fertility supplement most recommended by Canadian fertility experts. Now that our product is expanding into the United States, American couples have the same opportunities to increase fertility.
Already starting in Illinois, Vios Fertility Institute based in Chicago is a group of eight fertility clinics across the state. Offering the same prices throughout the state , Fertilia is making the dream of having a family more accessible for families of all economic strata and ages.
Instead of people being hamstrung by a lack of resources preventing them from getting fertility support needed, Fertilia aims to get their supplements accessible to those wishing to have families. The beauty of this product is the variety of products. Everything from male fertility enhancements to prenatal supplements for women, Fertilia is the one-stop shop for all people who are looking to build a healthy and happy family. Because these products are natural, there’s no risk of harmful side effects due to the inorganic chemistry found in other fertility products.
Another benefit of our product is all products are made with Kosher and Halal ingredients.

Fertilia For American Families

In America, more couples are starting families later in life, and they’re taking this action because of how values change over time. Thanks to our product, couples don’t need to make a choice between when they want to start a family and when their bodies are able to start a family. Family planning is now more within your control.
Learn more about how you can start a family thanks to Fertilia by contacting us.

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