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Are Fertility Vitamins for Women Like Fertil-Pro a Viable Solution to Infertility?

Are Fertility Vitamins for Women Like Fertil-Pro a Viable Solution to Infertility?

Every year, millions of couples struggle to answer one question: how do we reproduce when what we are doing is not yielding any results?—could fertility vitamins for women be the cure? 

According to recent studies, an estimated 12 percent of all expecting couples in North America suffer from fertility issues; or more than 7 million people each year. Two-thirds of issues encountered are female whereas one-third are related to male conceptive issues. And for many, natural supplements for female fertility are a productive first step before turning to invasive and expensive medical treatments. 

Vitamins like Fertil-Pro offer couples a natural way to increase fertility by providing many of the necessary nutrients that are lacking in today’s culture of fast and processed foods. This is especially helpful for women who suffer from low folic acid and PCOS, and can be the answer for couples who are struggling to get pregnant.

Increasing Odds of Conception

The odds of conception can be greatly increased when proper measures are taken. Ovarian health in women is a large issue, and lifestyle habits, personal habits, dietary habits and genetics play a role too. 

Using a variety of naturally-occurring elements, Fertil-Pro can help women increase reproductive health by providing the adequate constituents that nourish the body and improve the odds of conception. This includes supplementing with two of the nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy and baby: folic acid and vitamin D.

Folic acid and pregnancy go hand in hand, since this nutrient is key in preventing spinal tube defects and supporting neural development. And research shows that it works best when taken before a woman even gets pregnant, which is why it’s important to take a fertility vitamin that supplies it.

Vitamin D has been linked to improved outcomes in pregnancy, especially for women with PCOS. And while women with high levels of vitamin D have been shown to have higher live birth rates, it’s estimated that more than 40% of women of reproductive age are lacking in this crucial nutrient. 

Other ingredients in Fertil-Pro that can help boost fertility include magnesium, iron, and vitamin B12.

The Cost of Fertility Drugs

Modern medicine has come leaps and bounds over the past five decades, particularly as it relates to fertility health. But at what cost to your wallet and at what risk of adverse side effects or other vitro risks? 

While medicine is a reliable format to seek, most people don’t have the funds necessary to take advantage of fertility advancements, and some people are unable to medically pursue them. The natural supplements offered by Yad-Tech, such as Fertil-Pro, help increase the chances of conception naturally in men and women by using the power of science and clinical studies to provide a helpful, natural solution. Try Fertil-Pro and fill in the gaps in your diet that may be contributing to difficulties conceiving.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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