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Four Tips on Getting Pregnant with Natural Fertility

For couples that are struggling to conceive a child via means of natural fertility, there are plenty of different methods that you can consider implementing which can help to facilitate the desired outcome. Classically, balancing your diet, reducing stress levels, regular exercise and the cessation from bad habits like drinking will all serve you wonderfully. Along the way, use these tips to help increase your chances of a natural conception.

Practice Often
You often hear couples who have children talk about the best part: making the child. This cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to get pregnant, you have to have sex, and lots of it. But it is not just about the sex that you are having or how often that you are having it. It’s more importantly geared towards when you are having it, outlined in the next point that follows.

Know Your Ovulation Cycle

Clarice Weinberg, Ph.D., head of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, says that to enjoy the greatest odds of conception you must be aware of your ovulation cycle. According to her, the greatest chances of pregnancy occur during the two days that directly follow your ovulation cycle. Use the next step to learn how to identify this better.

Increase Sex During Ovulation
If you are unsure of when your ovulation cycle occurs, your best bet is to speak with your doctor. A medical expert can help you determine your exact cycle by running a few simple tests. During these days before and after your cycle, have as much sex as possible to increase the odds of natural conception.

Make Intimacy Fun and Exciting 

Lastly, make sex fun and invigorating. The purpose of this routine is to ensure that you are both having as much sex as is possible. By adding new elements into the bedroom, you can both ensure that a natural conception is at the forefront of your physical and life goals.

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