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Yadtech / Proslimia® Natural Weight Loss Supplements
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Fertility supplements for women
Vitamins for pregnant women

Natural Weight Loss Supplements


The formulation of Proslimia® is a unique combination of natural weight loss supplements designed for maintaining good general health on one’s weight loss journey.

Proslimia® is concocted with a unique combination of natural ingredients, which include saw palmetto, green tea, tamarind, and many others. This formula of vitamin supplements for weight loss has proven to not only promote a healthy weight control, but also for maintaining good overall health.

Proslimia® is designed to be a weight loss supplement, not a magic fat burning pill, which means that it should be consumed in conjunction with a weight loss program that includes healthy meals, adequate nutrition, reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity in order to achieve desirable results.

Approved by Health Canada. NPN 80061945

Recommended Dose: 3 capsules per day

Out of stock


If you are looking for safe weight management supplements or natural weight loss pills that actually work, then Proslimia just might be the answer you have been looking for.

Proslimia® has proven to be effective weight supplements developed by a team of certified physicians and specialists. Carefully crafted with a unique set of natural ingredients such as saw palmetto, green tea, tamarind, and others, Proslimia® all natural weight loss supplements have proven to promote healthy weight control in conjunction with a healthy diet, proper nutrition, reduced caloric intake, and abundant physical exercise.

  • Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens, Fruit): 62.5 mg
  • Green tea (Camellia sinensis, Leaf): 200 mg
  • Glucomannan (Amorphophallus konjac – Tuber): 200 mg
  • Malabar tamarind (Garcinia gummi-gutta, Fruit) : 25 mg
  • L-5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP, Griffonia simplicifolia – Seed): 50 mg
  • Chromium (Chromium picolinate): 50 mcg

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