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Secret Methods to Attaining Natural Fertility

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Secret Methods to Attaining Natural Fertility

Perhaps one of the most confounding physical secrets that couples trying to have a child ponder is the art of procuring 
natural fertility
. In essence, it’s frustrating when you are both healthy and sexually active but conception is seemingly impossible. What you are doing, the lifestyle that you lead and even bad habits that you maintain are all key culprits which must be reversed and amended by you—if you are to go about changing this to your benefit.

Body Weight Matters
According to Parents.com, a leading parenting website, hormones indeed play a strong role. Certain bodily hormones are emitted, caused by excess fat, that can actually impede your body’s ability to conceive. Christopher Williams, MD, author of The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally, advises that you mind your weight and pursue an active exercise routine that is not overdone, like extensive running, to balance hormones and aid in the reproductive process.

Balance Your Diet 

If your body is lacking in the nutrients provided by a proper and balanced diet, this could be the cause as well. Leading doctors, including Dr. Williams, advise that you balance your diet and ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals for a healthy reproductive cycle. Good advice is to take a daily vitamin supplement to ensure proper nourishment.

Stamp Out Bad Habits

Bad habits could play detriment to you getting pregnant. Obvious ones include things like smoking or drinking, a poor diet, lack of exercise or leading a stressful life. Stress, for example, causes hormonal imbalance in the body, and emits a flight or fight hormone called cortisol that can deter the body from getting pregnant due to overall hormonal imbalance. Moderate bad habits, balance your diet, stamp out stress and avoid living a sedentary lifestyle to reverse these negative bodily trends.

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