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Shocking Myths About Male Fertility Health Debunked

With fertility health, there has been a cavalcade of incorrect myths that have been circulating for quite some time. Such misinformation only serves a negative aspect by misinforming the general public, and also creates rumors and disingenuous mistruths. To counter this, today we will talk about several shocking myths about fertility health which will be easily debunked in the key points that follow.

MYTH: You Can’t Ride Your Bike
A popular myth about men was that you should not ride your bike because it could harm the sperm housed in your testicles. Such is indeed not the case whatsoever. In an extreme study of men who logged about 2 hours per day, some scrotal damage was observed. However, unless you are a professional bicyclist, this is rather unfounded and untrue.

MYTH: Cell Phones Are Harmful
Another myth was that cellular phones emit electromagnetic radiation I that can mar fertility rates in men and women. This myth is still widely circulating and is entirely unfounded. There is no conclusive evidence to date that validates any aspect of the preposterous hypothesis. In short: your cell phone does not harm your sperm or eggs.

MYTH: Boxers and Briefs 
For long time and running, men believed that by wearing tighter briefs they could actually hinder sperm production. Countless experts attest that this is untrue. They actually advise that men wear whatever undergarments they find to be most wearable and comfortable. Boxers nor briefs will harm sperm health or motility.


Certainly, there are plenty of things that you should worry about that can impact your sperm or egg health. But the aforementioned myths serve to demonstrate that you can’t always believe what you read. If you have medical questions that are of concern, take the time to call your doctor and ask them, so you can receive the most efficacious medical advice.

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