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Top Causes of Infertility in Women, and One Product That Can Reduce it

There are many potential causes of infertility in women that can range anywhere from immune imbalances to hormonal deficiencies and ovarian diseases. An overwhelming portion of infertility cases are usually attributable to some underlying cause, but sometimes the reason cannot be entirely, or easily, determined.

Since achieving pregnancy depends on such a delicate balance of environment, hormones, and timing, many prescriptions and medications focus on re-correcting the body’s immune systems, which control many helpful regulatory functions when it comes to getting pregnant.

Multivitamin solutions, a kind of medication that promotes better potential pregnancy by flooding your system with minerals, vitamins, and supplements, is generally the favored approach in treating more stubborn causes of infertility. The idea with multivitamins is that the body’s holistic health is rebalanced and supported, which in turn provides a more conducive environment for pregnancy.

Though stubborn causes are difficult to diagnose and prognose, below we’ve compiled a few of the major root factors that have been known to promote infertility, and whose effects are lessened through multivitamin plans.


Infertility’s Top Sources

Age: The most difficult hurdle to overcome naturally, women begin losing their fertility potential once they reach their early thirties, and by age 35, have lost upwards of 40% in pregnancy fertility. While some IVF and other assisted reproductive processes can help older women achieve pregnancy, without specific assistance, the chances of live birth is very low.

Hormone Imbalances: One of the biggest, and most common, imbalances affecting women is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Named after the tiny cysts present around the ovaries, PCOS causes irregular or disrupted menstrual and ovulation cycles. It’s often associated with anovulation—a condition where eggs aren’t released properly. A majority of infertile women suffer from PCOS.

Ovarian Disorders: A very widespread and common form of ovarian disorder is Endometriosis, a syndrome that causes the cells found in the uterus tissue to grow in abnormal areas like the ovaries, bowel, rectum, and pelvic area. The lining still bleeds like it would normally, which causes extreme pain and discomfort during period cycles, and has been known to cause issues during intercourse.

Weight: Body fat percentage actually plays an important role in promoting healthy pregnancy and birth. Women who are drastically underweight, or conversely overweight, run the risk of developing certain imbalances that could reduce fertility potential. Particularly, poor body weight affects menstrual cycles, ovulation, and increases the likelihood of miscarriage.


How To Boost Fertility

Naturally boosting fertility will require a comprehensive multivitamin plan, in addition to careful diet regulation and adherence to exercise, or some kind of destressing agent. The human body must exist in the right condition in order to foster successful pregnancy. B-complex vitamins, trace minerals, leafy greens, whole grains, and exercise, will help promote that.

Now, after reading about all those causes, I’m sure some alarms are ringing inside your head. But, don’t worry too much, that was just the hard part. Now, we’ll talk about how multivitamins offer ways to improve fertility, reduce all those symptoms, and correct your hormonal and immune levels so that your chances of pregnancy are dramatically increased.

We mentioned earlier that a strong and powerful fertility blend of various multivitamins and supplements are crucial in re-balancing the human body. Of course, certain environmental conditions help as well—dieting, exercising, living actively—but, if you want real results, then you need to consider using multivitamin supplements.

Fertil PRO Women, one of our favored supplement options, targets all the important minerals and vitamins pertinent to pregnancy, to promote a holistic approach in treating fertility levels. It has folic acid which prevents serious birth defects, vitamins for support, and trace minerals responsible for better fetal outcome.


Fertil PRO contains:

Folic Acid
Vitamins B6 and B12
Vitamins A and D3

It’s further reinforced by the presence of the Reishi supplement. As a well-documented immunomodulator, Reishi is intended to re-establish proper immune levels within the body as a way to fight against those particularly stubborn imbalances. Most of these issues are difficult to screen since many of them don’t affect a person’s overall health, just their ability to achieve natural pregnancy.


Don’t Get Discouraged

While infertility may be complicated and difficult to overcome, there are so many options available nowadays to help women everywhere achieve pregnancy. Check out our website for more information about Fertil PRO Women and how our supplements contain proven ingredients to increase chances of pregnancy. We have fertility supplements that work, head over to our product page now!

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