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Trying To Get Pregnant? Tips For Conceiving During the 2020 Pandemic

Yadtech / Fertility  / Trying To Get Pregnant? Tips For Conceiving During the 2020 Pandemic
Conceiving during pandemic

Trying To Get Pregnant? Tips For Conceiving During the 2020 Pandemic

When it comes to trying to get pregnant, tips can only get you so far. But, during unprecedented times like these, many couples who have had plans to start trying for a family are finding themselves facing new concerns and a lot of confusion, and it helps to have some advice to guide you along the way. To help you out, we’ve compiled some need to know tips about conceiving during pandemic times, including answers to some common questions that we see lots of women asking right now. We hope you find it helpful!

Common Questions About Conceiving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anxiety and fertility tend to go hand in hand during the best of times, but even more so right now. If you find yourself with lots of questions and concerns about trying to get pregnant during a pandemic, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know.

Is it safe to get pregnant during the pandemic?

Yes, with some caveats. There are unique factors that should be considered when evaluating your own safety, such as your level of exposure and your access to care. Essential workers may be at greater risk because they’re unable to stay home, though early research out of China didn’t detect any of the virus passing through cord blood, amniotic fluid, or breastmilk. It’s important to determine your personal risk and comfort level, and to ensure you would have access to reliable prenatal care.

Does being pregnant put you at greater risk for coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), current research is showing that pregnant women are not at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 or at an increased risk of having more severe symptoms, though they may be more susceptible to respiratory infections in general so precautions should be taken.

Are babies at risk during the coronavirus?

Returning to the study out of China, it doesn’t look like babies in utero are particularly at risk of the coronavirus. In 33 cases where the mother had COVID-19, only three babies were born infected, and all of them recovered.

Is getting pregnant during the pandemic going to be too stressful?

Unfortunately there is no clear-cut answer to this. If you are already prone to stress and anxiety then you may have cause for concern, but this can be managed with professional help. That being said, the pandemic won’t go on forever. If you are truly worried about your mental health if you were to conceive right now, it may be best waiting a little bit longer.

Tips For Getting Pregnant

Pandemic or not, if you want to get pregnant there are certain best practices that you should follow to increase your chances.

  • Prioritize good nutrition. Fuel your body with nutritious foods to maintain a healthy balance and ensure you receive enough vitamins and minerals.
  • Stay hydrated. Water is essential for good health. This is especially true when trying to conceive, since it helps ensure you produce enough natural fluids.
  • Exercise. Developing good exercise habits before you even get pregnant means an easier labor and delivery later on and also helps minimize stress.
  • Get enough sleep. Your body relies on sleep to function. If you get too little, you may impact your key systems. You may also increase stress and anxiety, which could reduce your chances of conceiving.
  • Increase your vitamin intake. There are a variety of vitamins to help conceive, including our Fertil Pro Women vitamins and Fertil Pro Men vitamins, both of which contain essential nutrients for boosting fertility and ensuring a healthy environment for a growing fetus.
  • Distract yourself. Especially during the pandemic it’s important to distract yourself with activities you enjoy and that help you relax. This will take your mind off of stress and allow you to maintain a sense of normalcy.

There is never a perfect time to start the pregnancy journey. Making the choice to conceive during the coronavirus pandemic is personal, and everyone will have different feelings about it. Do what feels right to you and your partner and the rest should fall into place.

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