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What Helps Nausea During Pregnancy?

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What Helps Nausea During Pregnancy?

Among the thousands of questions newly pregnant moms have, “what helps nausea during pregnancy?” is definitely one of the most commonly asked.

Morning sickness is a mainstay of early pregnancy—and for some women, can last throughout the entire nine months. It’s also, despite its name, unlikely to occur only in the morning, and can strike at any time of day, or last from morning through night.

There is no single cause for morning sickness. Instead, it’s thought to be attributable to various factors at play, including the surge in hormones that accompanies early pregnancy and changes in smell, salivation, and appetite.

For those who are in the thick of it, finding pregnancy nausea relief is often a top concern, but it’s not always easy to come by. Here are some remedies that might be helpful if you’re on the hunt for relief.

Nausea Remedies For PregnancyCures for Morning Sickness That Lasts All Day or Comes and Goes

Whether your morning sickness is an all day affair or an occasional occurrence, it makes sense that you’d want to do something—anything!—to feel better. Morning sickness can take its toll on you mentally as well as physically, and it can also make it difficult to stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet.

So, what can you do about it? Here are some tips for dealing with pregnancy nausea that may be worth trying out.

1. Eat first thing in the morning

We know, we know, when you’re feeling nauseous the last thing that you want to do is eat. But morning sickness thrives on an empty stomach, so you’re doing yourself more harm than good if you avoid eating entirely.

Try keeping something bland (like crackers or dry cereal) on your nightstand that you can eat a little bit of before you even get out of bed. This will help settle your stomach early on so that you can hopefully start your day with a little bit of relief.

2. Focus on the right foods

Things like fresh veggies and lean proteins might sound totally unpalatable to you right now—and that’s totally okay! Put your normal diet aside for the moment and focus on getting in more of the types of foods that fight nausea, such as ginger, unsweetened carbonated drinks, dry toast, and soda crackers.

3. Up your snack intake

Food really is one of the best natural morning sickness remedies that’s available. To make sure you’re getting enough of it, opt for lots of snacks, especially if big meals are a no-go. Eating small bites throughout the day can be more helpful than meals anyway, and ensures you’re still getting in some food without requiring that you push yourself to the limit.

4. Try our nausea remedies for pregnancy

Vitamin B6 is a great tool in the fight against nausea, and is safe to take during pregnancy. Consider adding in nausea medication via a vitamin B6 supplement, such as our Prozen supplement for women, but do make sure to talk to your doctor first before adding any new supplements to your pregnancy care routine. Note that in addition to vitamin B6, doxylamine (the main ingredient in Unisom), can also be helpful for reducing pregnancy nausea and is safe in pregnancy.

At Yadtech, we offer a wide range of supplements to support you throughout your fertility journey—and beyond. This includes our Progestia Prenatal Vitamins, which include all of the essential vitamins and nutrients you need to support a healthy pregnancy. By taking a well-rounded prenatal vitamin, you can make sure you’re getting what you need, even if morning sickness is making it hard to eat.

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