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What to Ask at a Fertility Consultation

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What To Ask At A Fertility Consultation

What to Ask at a Fertility Consultation

Being aware of what to ask at a fertility consultation can alleviate much of the stress and discomfort that comes when visiting a fertility clinic or specialist. These situations are never easy, and anyone on this journey may be rightfully confused or nervous. Since an initial fertility consultation can be nerve-wrecking with loads of information being tossed your way, getting to the important information should be a priority.

Here’s exactly what to ask at a fertility consultation, so you can feel comfortable and confident throughout your entire journey.


Fertility Consultation Questions

Among the many fertility consultation questions to ask, some of the more pertinent information to ask is in regards to specific treatment plans, costs, and insurance options offered or accepted by your medical provider. These fertility consultation questions include:


  • What type of fertility treatments are offered?

    – Individualization is key for a proper fertility treatment plan. Asking your fertility specialist which specific treatment plans are offered can ensure that you are aware of all options, and no critical information is left out when beginning the plan.


  • What treatment plan works best for your situation?

    – Even when you know what each treatment plan covers, it still may be difficult to know which one fits your specific situation. Be sure to explain your situation to the specialist, so they can get a better understanding of what exactly they need to provide in their treatment plan.


  • Is my insurance covered, and are there payment plans?

    – Be sure to get into the logistics of plan costs and insurance options, to avoid any unforeseen charges or fees. Payment plans are a great way to budget a costly fertility treatment, and you should always ask if they are available whether you plan on usin g one or not.


IVF Questions About Infertility

When IVF treatment is recommended, the infertility journey can be overwhelming and even more challenging to maneuver. Having an idea of some IVF questions about infertility can provide a basis of understanding when these treatments are the suggested course to take. These questions include:


  • How much does IVF cost? –

    First thing you should cover is how much these IVF treatments cost. They can often be expensive, ranging anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000, so knowing the cost of your individual plan is vastly important.


  • What are the IVF success rates?

    – Journeying through IVF can come with many upsides and downsides, so it’s necessary to choose a clinic that has a high success rate for IVFs. Feel free to ask your specialist what the success rates are by age, per cycle, and by number of embryos needed for a successful pregnancy.


  • Do you provide single-parent IVFs?

    – For single parents looking to have a child, some clinics may offer the use of third-party reproduction. Those pursuing single parent IVFs should be aware of any and all options in these situations, and if they’re even provided.

Personal Questions About Infertility

Some personal questions about infertility to consider asking your specialist include:


  • Are there lifestyle changes I can make?

    – Chances are, your specialist will examine your habits and trends and see if there are any suitable lifestyle changes to consider, as these can certainly impact infertility. Among these includes some non-medical approaches such as yoga, exercise, or meditation. If your specialist deems that these may work for you, they can be a game changer in the long-run.

  • Can I use a supplement?

    – The use of supplements to support fertility health is another option to consider, so feel free to ask your specialist if these are effective to use for your individual situation. If so, these science-based nutritional supplements are a proven way to properly target infertility without the need for a doctor or IVF.

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